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另一个陷入一段自我满足的恋情的角色是奥利维亚伯爵夫人。奥莉薇娅被爱情蒙蔽了双眼,她忽略了事实证明凯撒里奥并不是他所说的那个人的证据,也忽视了尽管凯撒里奥没有男性特征,但他可能是女性的可能性。奥利维亚为他作为一个太监的女性特征辩护,并将爱上西萨里奥。奥利维亚决定爱上一个太监,尽管她知道她将不能有孩子的部队表明,她愿意跨越社会的界限,为真正的爱。她把爱描述成某种出乎意料的、不知从何而来的东西,“不要太快;软,软,除非主人是人。现在如何?那么快就会染上瘟疫吗?。在接下来的几幕中,她计划获得一个卑微的仆人凯撒里奥的爱,而不是把她的爱给公爵或安德鲁爵士,以保留她作为家庭妇女的权力。很难认真对待奥利维亚的特点当我们第一次发现她绝望,她不想被任何人除了她的仆人Malvolio和她的叔叔,然后在瞬间可以把给她爱去年轻,下层阶级的仆人,她几乎不知道。莎士比亚的创造力之间的箔格言“爱是盲目的”,赛巴斯蒂安的错误掩盖切,奥利维亚无视塞巴斯蒂安评论被一个陌生人无视他,坚称他是她爱上的人”所以来了,夫人,你误以为但自然对她的偏见了。你本想和一个使女订了婚,但我以我的生命起誓,你并没有被欺骗,你已经和一个使女和一个男人订了婚”(V, I, 2460)。奥利维亚对真爱的感觉是如此强烈,她愿意接受一个完全陌生的人来填补他的空白,真爱意味着什么。当维奥拉放纵自己时,奥利维亚的反应非常平静,因为她嫁给了自己爱上的伪装。奥利维亚越过了社会基本价值观的界限,那就是在嫁给那个人之前先了解他。在剧终,Olivia和Orinso都很幸福,但这主要是因为他们嫁给了同一个人的男女版本。


Another character that falls deeply into a self satisfying love affair is Countess Olivia. Olivia is blinded by love she and ignores the evidence that points to Cesario as actually not being whom he says he is, and over looks the possibility that Cesario might be a female despite his lack of masculine features. Olivia justifies his feminine features as a eunuch and is will to fall in love with Cesario. Olivia decision to fall in love with a eunuch despite knowing she won’t be able to have children enforces shows how that she is willing to cross the boundaries of society for true love.She describes love as something that comes upon her unexpectedly and out of nowhere, “Not too fast; soft, soft unless the masters were the man. How now? Even so quickly may one catch the plague? (Act I, V .282 -284). Through the next few acts she schemes to obtain the love of Cesario, a measly servant rather than giving her love to the Duke or Sir Andrew to retain the power she has being the woman of the house. It is hard to take the character of Olivia seriously when we first find her in such despair that she doesn’t want to be seen by any man other than her servant Malvolio and her uncle, then in an instant she can turn to giving her love away to a younger, lower class servant that she barely knows.Shakespeare’s creativity of the foil between the sayings “loves is blind” and Sebastian’s mistaken disguise as being Cesario, Olivia disregards Sebastian comments about being a stranger ignoring him and insisting that he is the man she fell in love with “So comes it, lady, you have been mistook But nature to her bias drew in that. You would have been contracted to a maid Nor are you therein, by my life, deceived, You are betroth’d both to a maid and man” Act (V, I, 2460). The feeling of true love is so strong with in Olivia that she is will to accept a complete stranger to fill him that gap that true love meant. When Viola raveled herself, the reaction of Olivia is very calm for she has married the disguise that she has fallen in love with. Olivia crosses the boundary of basic society values of getting to know some one before marry that person. In the end of the play, both Olivia and Orinso end up happy, but this is mainly because they marry the man and woman versions of the same person.


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