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The results of VARK, I reviewed my past life, learning and outcomes. I realize today that I have been getting good score in visual, in fact very good marks from the age of primary schooling to the university standards today through the math and act subjects. Whenever the lecture notes on power point or any other mechanism, my focus was on pictorials and diagrams the material rather than read/write. Besides that, I always have had this habit of the imagination sometime will more clearly. Beside than visual is also another source easy to understand and remember it. This assisted me in improving quality of my ability of memory. My visual strength always assisted me in absorbing rich knowledge with ease as I realize across many pictorials like formula, diagram analysis, and other reference materials for doing assignments as well as for enhancing knowledge on a given subject. Most likely, this habit of mine has developed its strong roots since the time of my childhood and therefore, led to a high score on visual aspect.After that, I am trying to improve my read/write weakness and try to develop some method for its improvement. I have been scoring quite low in theory subject during my secondary school, and I realize that it difficult to remember the history, theory and language. For overcoming this weakness of mine, VARK suggests writing out the words again and again or turning reactions, actions, diagrams, charts and flows into words to improve my read/write weakness.


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