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无菌技术的原因是保持无菌,它还有助于保护病人免受卫生保健相关感染的保护病人的护士从任何体液和有毒物质(卫生部(2005度)。老年人更在感染的风险是由生物入侵的免疫防御机制,免疫系统效率较低(2000年Calandra)ANTT用于确保当一个医疗专业处理无菌设备只有设备的一部分,不会接触伤口处理(普雷斯顿2005)。在ANTT过程这包括确保同意已经获得的病人,他们意识到的过程将是什么,环境和设备准备,洗手,使用个人防护设备和无菌字段。在初级保健设置的最大问题之一是通过眼泪感染,进入人体的皮肤,这可能是通过一个腿部溃疡。少量的微生物充分足够的感染造成的,这可能会很难治疗用抗生素和可能是一个简单的问题可能会成为一个重要的问题(2007度)。护士应该评估传播感染的风险从一个人到另一个地方并相应计划护理之前开始任何形式的行动(2006年版查尔默斯& Straub写的)。


The reason for aseptic technique is to maintain asepsis and helps to protect the patient from HCAI it also protects the nurse from any of the patient’s body fluids and toxic substances (Department of Health (DOH) 2005). Elderly people are more at risk of infection which is caused by organisms that invade the immunological defence mechanisms as there immune systems are less efficient ( Calandra 2000) ANTT is used to ensure that when a healthcare professional handles sterile equipment only the part of the equipment that will not contact the wound is handled (Preston 2005). When doing the ANTT procedure this involves ensuring that consent has been gained from the patient and they are aware of what the procedure will be, the environment and the equipment is prepared, hand-washing takes place, personal protective equipment is used and a sterile field is maintained. In a Primary Care setting one of the biggest problems is infection that enters the body through a tear in the skin, this may be through a leg ulcer. A small number of microbes are sufficient enough for an infection to be caused, this may then be difficult to treat with antibiotics and what may have been a trivial problem may end up becoming a significant problem (DOH 2007). Nurses should assess the risk of transmission of infections from one person to another and plan their nursing care accordingly before they commence any form of action (Chalmers & Straub 2006).


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