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在心爱的故事浓缩了塞丝的犯罪数量的到来。我们倾向于同意Paul D的评论,说她有“太浓的爱”,我们认为没有任何东西可以原谅谋杀自己的孩子。赛斯的回答是“爱或爱不是薄爱没有爱的话”(墨里森173)。当时我们认为这答复是愚蠢的,但它的意义是在故事的结尾放大。尽管赛斯逃脱奴役,生活和她的女儿自由的女人,在保罗的公司,我们很快意识到过去的仍然是他们生活中的一个专横的存在。作者希望明确一点,那死去的婴儿的精神困扰的家数为124家,而实际上这部分故事包含标题为“124是恶意的。充满了婴儿的毒”(同上3)。我们很快就意识到,对居民的影响是不积极的。塞丝关她过去了,它仍然不会因此如果Paul D没有出现,把一切还给她。即使她努力远离她,并努力让她忧郁且悲观的所有时间。Paul D并没有帮助这个方向,因为他太把过去的压抑。事实上,他已使它变成一种艺术,告诉塞丝他如何保持在“生锈的烟丝”他心中所有的不良记忆(同上77)。起初,丹佛似乎并不太在意家里的婴儿的精神。她已经学会用这种精神沟通,并与它形成了一种默契。然而,它已使她害羞内向,无法应对世界。整个房子的气氛是一个停滞,充满了“宝贝的毒液”中提到的标题。


Before the advent of Beloved the story concentrates of the magnitude of Sethe’s crime. We tend to agree with Paul D’s comment that she has “too thick love”, and we believe that nothing can excuse the murder of one’s own child. Sethe’s reply is “Love is or love ain’t. Thin love ain’t no love at all” (Morrison 173). At the time we dismiss this reply as fatuous, but its significance is magnified by the end of the story. Even though Sethe has escaped slavery, and lives as a free woman with her daughter, and in the company of Paul D, we soon sense that the past remains as an overbearing presence in their lives. The author wishes to make it clear that the spirit of the dead baby is haunting house number 124, and indeed this part of the story contains the heading “124 was spiteful. Full of a baby’s venom” (Ibid 3). We soon come to realize that the effect on the inhabitants is not a positive one. Sethe shuts her past away, and it would have remained thus if Paul D had not appeared and brought it all back to her. Even then she is struggling to keep it away from her, and the effort leaves her morose and downbeat all the time. Paul D does nothing to help in this direction, because he too keeps his past bottled up. Indeed, he has perfected it into an art, telling Sethe how he keeps all the undesirable memories in the “rusted tobacco tin” of his heart (Ibid 77). At first it seems that Denver is not too uncomfortable with the spirit of the baby occupying the home. She has learnt to communicate with this spirit, and has developed a sort of rapport with it. However, it has rendered her shy and withdrawn, and unable to cope with the world. The overall atmosphere in the house is one of stagnation, and very much full of the “baby’s venom” mentioned in the title.


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