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心理学一直到业务实现Vance Packard引入这个概念在他1957年的小说,“隐藏的说服者,“分享的过程,广告公司如何使用心理学家来抓住消费者更深刻的层面,并最终说服和表达他们的产品在最有效的方式被认为是一个心理的方法(帕卡德,1957)。为了找出广告在人类大脑中起作用的心理暗示,必须回答的问题是,广告是如何起作用的。在这篇文章中,我将探索广告对人类心理的不同作用方式,以及广告心理学领域的美学和演示。根据《电视与政治广告:第一卷:心理过程》,广告在所有形式的广告中,是最有影响力的(Biocca, 2013)。这一发现的原因被认为是由欺骗引起的,它在制度上是心理学领域的一个分支。这个词时影响的方法,将被用来解释它将通过心理学,因为它是最担忧的领域人类如何解释刺激,在这种情况下,将广告刺激,事实上心理转化为心灵的希腊语的灵魂(Montanari吴作栋,施罗德,Nagy, Muellner &希腊研究中心,2015年)。但是心理学是一个广阔的领域,为了缩小搜索范围,主要从心理学的角度来探讨广告心理学和广告欺骗。从广告的角度来看,广告是用来影响人们的购买决定,通过添加一个更深层的背景,使消费者将尽可能地精神上参与他们的产品(Berland & Ouellette, 2014)。人们受到商业广告的影响,要开始探究为什么会出现这种现象,物流和分析领域的研究是一个很好的起点,该领域关注商业广告中的心理欺骗。我将通过展示广告在潜意识、情感和行为改变方面的影响来说明这一点。


Psychology has been implemented into Business ever since Vance Packard introduced the concept in his 1957 novel, “The Hidden Persuaders,” sharing the process of how advertising firms use psychologists to grab consumers on a more profound level and ultimately persuade and articulate their products in the most effective way which was thought to be a psychological approach (Packard, 1957). And the question that must be answered in order to find out the psychological implications of why ads work on the human mind, is how. In this essay I will be exploring the different ways in which ads work on the human psyche as well as the aesthetics and demonstrations of the field that is known as advertising psychology. According to “The Television and Political Advertising: Volume I: Psychological Processes,” commercials out of all forms of advertising, are the most influential (Biocca, 2013). The reason behind this discovery is believed to be caused by deception, it is institutionally apart of the field of psychology. When it comes to the term influence the approach that will be used to interpret it will be through psychology because it is the field that concerns the most with how humans interpret stimuli, in this case the stimuli will be advertisements, in fact psyche translates to the Greek word for soul of mind (Montanari, Goh, Schroeder, Nagy, Muellner & Center for Hellenic Studies, 2015). However psychology is a broad and vast field so to narrow the search, there will be mainly a discussion with advertising psychology and deception of advertisements from a psychological point of view. From an advertising perspective, commercials are used to influence people by altering purchasing decisions through the incorporation of adding a deeper context so that consumers will be as mentally involved in their product as possible (Berland & Ouellette, 2014). People are influenced by commercials and to begin this voyage of why this phenomenon happens the logistics and analytics of the field that concerns psychological deception in commercials is a good place to start. I will be demonstrating this by showing advertising’s influence in the subconscious, emotion, and behaviour modification facets.


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