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美国心理学paper代写 手机和降低焦虑

在焦虑和有问题的智能手机使用之间的关系中,另一个热门话题是在减少有问题的智能手机使用,从而降低焦虑水平方面,中介可以作为改变的代理人。例如,Elhai, Levine, Dvorak, and Hall(2016)的一项研究发现,行为激活和情绪调节是这种关系的中介。行为激活是避免个体参与他们选择的愉快活动的另一种选择。个体可以参与那些愉快的活动来缓解焦虑情绪,而不是将手机作为一种逃避焦虑情绪的机制。另一方面,情绪调节只是情绪控制的另一个术语。当一个人经历高度的情绪时,比如忧虑和焦虑,他们通常会用手机让自己平静下来。这里的研究人员暗示,如果有足够的情绪调节技能,手机就没有必要作为一种回避机制,因为情绪调节是一种习得行为。通过使用这些策略并让个人具备这些技能,焦虑和使用智能手机的问题都可以得到缓解。

美国心理学paper代写 手机和降低焦虑

Another hot topic within the relationship between anxiety and problematic smartphone use is mediators that can act as agents of change in decreasing problematic smartphone use and, thus, anxiety levels. For example, in a study conducted by Elhai, Levine, Dvorak, and Hall (2016), behavioral activation and emotion regulation were found to be mediators in this relationship. Behavioral activation is an alternative to avoidance in which individuals participate in pleasurable activities of their choice. Instead of individuals turning to a cell-phone as an avoidance mechanism for their anxious emotions, individuals can engage in those pleasurable activities to relieve anxious feelings. Emotion regulation, on the other hand, is simply another term for emotional control. When an individual is experiencing heightened emotions, like worry with anxiety, they often calm themselves with a cell-phone. The researchers here are insinuating that with adequate emotion regulation skills, a cell-phone is unnecessary as an avoidance mechanism because emotion regulation is a learned behavior. In using these strategies and equipping individuals with these skills, both anxiety and problematic smartphone use can be alleviated.

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