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首相拿督纳吉布Tun Razak说,一个大马概念的最终目的是让人民实现民族团结。他说,“换句话说,一个马来西亚还一个培育基于这应该成为每一个马来西亚[ 3实施的几个重要价值的所有种族的马来西亚统一概念]。马来西亚是一个公式,作为一个先决条件,以确保实现国家的愿望,实现发达国家地位的2020,如果它被同化在人民和社会实践。如果“马来西亚人”(马来西亚)在视觉2020概述是这个旅程的最终目的,那么一个马来西亚还引导指向的方式实现这一目标。因此,青年领导是一个非常重要的因素,以确保该概念不会偏离我们的祖先所同意的。事实上,1malaysia价值和尊重每一个社区在马来西亚的民族认同和作为资产感到骄傲。”青年为了让他/她发达的国家,有奉献的不只是他们的生活在边境保护他们的国家还具有防止内部威胁,并使社会一个健康的生活的地方。这是可能的,如果年轻人实现以保持健康,懒惰,自私,邪恶等,并通过国家增长专注思考。


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that the 1Malaysia concept’s ultimate objective is to achieve national unity among its people. He said “In other words, 1Malaysia is a concept to foster unity in Malaysians of all races based on several important values which should become the practice of every Malaysian [3]. Malaysia is a formula which serves as a prerequisite to ensure realisation of the country’s aspiration to achieve developed nation status by 2020 if it is assimilated in the people and practised by society. If ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ (the Malaysian race) outlined in Vision 2020 is the ultimate objective of this journey, then 1Malaysia is the guide pointing the way towards that objective. As such, youth leadership is one of the very important elements to ensure that the concept would not deviate from what had been agreed to by our forefathers. In fact, 1Malaysia values and respects the ethnic identities of every community in Malaysia and regards them as assets to be proud of.” Youth in order to make his/her country developed, has to sacrifice not only their lives by protecting their country at the borders but also has to protect from internal threats, and make the society a healthy place to live. It is possible only, if the youth realize to stay healthy by sacrificing selfishness, laziness, evilness etc., and by thinking dedicatedly for the growth of nation.


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