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The students at Pace University would benefit from the purchase of an interactive whiteboard in a variety of ways. Students will look at attending class as something exciting. Students will also gain a better understanding of the curriculum and concepts being taught, due to the assortment of tools and resources that the SMART Board has that can be incorporated into lessons. Pace University, itself, would benefit from having SMART Boards in campus because students will be working on their communication and technology skills for the 21st century, therefore separating themselves from graduates from other colleges and universities.Pace University’s motto is “Work toward Greatness”. I believe that by integrating the use of an interactive whiteboard into different courses that Pace has to offer its students, professors will inspire their students more. The Pace University School of Education’s motto is “Creating reflective practitioners who promote justice, create caring classrooms and school communities and enable all students to be successful learners.” I believe that the students within this school, specifically, will benefit tremendously from the interactive whiteboard. They will be exposed to a new technology that is widely being used in schools all throughout the United States. Students will be able to have an open mind when it comes to technology and integration in elementary and high schools. Not equipping these students with these skills would be harmful to their wellbeing. Today’s world is filled with different types of technology, from cell phones to IPads. Students are constantly surrounded with technology throughout their daily lives, which only makes sense to have that same technology become a part of their education.


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