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Roughly I am agreeing with my profile. As the results shown and compare with my personal history, I found to be a serious minded, strategic and discerning. According to John (2002) said that, Monitor evaluator is the person who is serious mined, prudent and, unlike the shaper or resource investigator, has built-in immunity from enthusiasm. The monitor evaluator is able to stand back and evaluate ideas and suggestions so that is better placed to take balanced. For an example, when I was in the secondary school, I used to be the leader of the school basketball team in 2002. I was in charge for the whole team, for example make the decision on the practising etc, to ensure they have the best level to involve in the competition. Moreover, I had good communication with my team player and encourage them. Eventually we lose the match but we did enjoy the competition and gain our experience.The report of the test also implies my weakness in which I am not good in implementer person. Therefore I need to enhance and improve my disciplined and change my bad temper in habits. Previously, in my college life has the group discussion, I know that one of my group member, he had no such experience to work as a team, so he always came late and without prepared because he does not know what he should prepare but I can saw he try his best to put much more effort on it. In the first two case studies, I fell I was suffering in this team work because I am only the person work in this group, so, in the last case study due to the problem above and my emotional problem so I leaved a very responsibility message for them in blackboard and make them mad. I also need to take the responsibility for what I done, on the second day I really very sorry and immediately apology to them. I learn that group work is not always successful sometimes it will conflicts. I learn something new and think I should learn better especially I need to control my emotional because in working life, these type of situation will occur very often.


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