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它也变得明显,有越来越多的混合意见,在教育作为一个整体,甚至专业人士工作的学生转介单位本身,不同意如何处理年轻人,实际上有更复杂的需求。Sonia Sodha(2010)认为普鲁士被越来越多的“罪恶箱”或“垃圾场”,学校使用从他们的责任免除问题儿童。此外,由此产生的强制与反社会同行的关联,可能会适得其反,实际上增加行为问题。 然而,一个普鲁河的好处可能会被认为是非常不同的从不同的人的观点。管理和使用人员的工作在普鲁士刚刚高责任在主流学校其他老师,使年轻人实现他们的潜能,在他们的教育和准备和促进他们的个人对他们的期待是什么在他们的工作生活,在学校的理解支持他们。


It has also become apparent that there are increasingly mixed views within education as a whole, and even the professionals working within the Pupil Referral Units themselves, disagree on how to deal with young people that actually have more complex needs. Sonia Sodha (2010) makes the point that PRUs are being seen increasingly as “sin bins” or “dumping grounds” that schools use to remove problem children from their responsibility. Additionally, the resultant enforced association with anti-social peers, may be counterproductive and actually increase behavioural problems.However, the benefits of a PRU may be perceived very differently from different people’s perspectives. Management and employed staff working within PRUs have just as high a responsibility as any other teacher in mainstream schools, to enable the young people to achieve their full potential in their education and support them in preparing and furthering their personal understanding of what is expected of them within their working life after school.


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