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世界各国的个别学校和教育部每年都大量招收和聘用外籍教师。这些外派教师被赋予了对未来几代人的信任和责任,因此,重要的是,教师对自己的工作感到满意,有动力做最好的。多年来,一些研究者提出了许多动机理论。动机,成功的要素之一,是由Harmer(2001,p. 51),“某种内在的动力,推动人去做才能实现一些东西。“小然而试图考虑到,是什么促使外籍教师,都选择了离开自己的国家在国外教。作者越来越感兴趣的是什么激励外籍教师多年来。她本人是一名外籍教师,曾在阿拉伯联合酋长国(UAE)教过几年英语。看着外籍教师不断地来和走,使她想进一步调查什么原因导致教师来UAE学校似乎充满活力和驱动器,然后出现磨损和离开一段时间后。笔者看了这个周期重复,以至于引发了一个愿望在她尝试确定哪些外籍教师激励因素是初到UAE,并因此使他们失去动力,要么返回自己的国家或开始在UAE找工作的机会。


Both individual schools and ministries of education in countries all over the world recruit and hire expatriate teachers in large numbers every year. These expatriate teachers are given the trust and responsibility of shaping the generations of tomorrow, so it is important that teachers are satisfied with their jobs and have the motivation to do their best. Several researchers have put forth many theories of motivation throughout the years. Motivation, an essential element for success, is defined by Harmer (2001, p. 51) as, “some kind of internal drive which pushes someone to do things in order to achieve something.” Little however has tried to take into account, what is it that motivates expatriate teachers that have made the choice to leave their own countries to teach in a foreign country. The author has become increasingly interested in what motivates expatriate teachers through the years. She herself is an expatriate teacher who has taught English in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for several years. Watching expatriate teachers continually come and go has made her want to further investigate what causes teachers to come to UAE schools seemingly full of energy and drive, then appear to wear down and leave after some time. The author has watched this cycle repeat so often that it has sparked a desire in her to try to determine what the expatriate teachers’ motivating factors are when first arriving in the UAE, and consequently what causes them to lose motivation and either return to their home countries or begin looking for other opportunity employments in the UAE.


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