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An integral part of the e-learning is video-conferencing technology, which allows students to talk to experts and other schools and students around the world in real time via a video link-up. Virtual schools are a relatively new phenomenon that is gripping the nation which makes it possible for everyone to learn at the same time even if they are at different ends of the globe. In this way a lot of time is saved from repeating or preparing the same lecture for separate classes. It is also benefactor for all those who due to one reason or another cannot go to educational institutions by having online lectures in their homes. If such virtual schools can be developed it might prove to be a sigh of relief for all those countries who import oil and other fuels as less to and from movement from educational institutions will bring a decrease in demand for fuel import thus giving a much required relief to their withering economy and might even boost it. Such a strategy can be particularly useful in rural areas where online learning can help teachers and students in remote areas overcome distance. So in this way it can lend a helping hand in solving the current staff to student ratio crisis. Technology is the potential savior of the education system, because it can be used to personalize learning. The learner can learn at the pace he is most comfortable with and can design his learning according to his knowledge and needs, record the progress he makes.


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