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The quality of care can be more precisely described as seeking to achieve excellent standards of care. It includes assessing the appropriateness of medical tests and treatments and measures to improve personal health care consistently in all areas of medicine (Duffy, 2009). Nurse’s Professional socialization is recognized as an essential process of learning skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to fulfill professional roles are also involved in evaluating and modifying the overall quality of care given to groups of clients. One of the essential parts of professional responsibility, nurses and all other health care providers work together as an interdisciplinary team concentrate on improving client care (Kozier, 2008).

Nowadays economic value has been changed at the present time a nursing profession in the community for a strategy to contain costs played in the restructuring and redesign of care -giving and taling decisions to replace registered nurses with non- professional, less skilled, unlicensed nurses because professional registered nurses were seen too costly. Also implemented were new models of patient-centered care delivered by cross-trained, non-professional unlicensed personnel (AACN, 2010).