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Education must be innovative. According to Aguion et al. (2001) the innovation makes intensive use of highly educated workers while imitation relies more on combining physical capital with less educated labor. Ecuador in order to develop an innovative industry eventually will need highly educated workers. Presently Ecuador does not have the human resources to stablish an innovative industry in consequence the country must resort to imitation. Ecuador has physical capital sufficient and a less educated labor. Ecuador must currently follow a patron of imitation of successful models of the world and eventually the country will have the needed human capital to begin to develop its industry and innovate.In conclusion education is the fundamental basis for a society and must be accord it. Ecuador educative system must be reconstructed in order to improve the economy, society, and industry.  There are models of successful educative system that were establish in other countries with a socio-economic context similar to currently one of Ecuador. These educational systems were establish with correct government politics creating an attractive and quality model to students.  As a result the interest among people on education has increased. As a result of a success educative model, countries like South Korea nowadays have important economies and present high growth rates.


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