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There are so many countries in the world, and this countries are classifieds according to how much developed they are. First of all, we have countries that are developed a lot of because they produces many things like technology, weapons, food, raw material (wood, iron, cotton, crude oil, etc) for the others that doesn´t have this advantages. Therefore, these develop countries are in the top, but how could they develop more than the others? the answer is very simple. These develop countries made a change in their system education by improving so many things that will help students to be prepared in the future because they know that students are the 100% of their future. As a result, the best solution to improve the road of being a develop country in the world is focused in creativity and innovation of each people could have, but how we can improve this skills? We can improve these skills by following the next steps: First, schools should increase hours of extracurricular classes. Secondly, students must interact with the environment. Finally, using technology in the process of learning-teaching can help to everyone with innovate ideas.


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