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莫迪默和史葛(2003)说明教师的角色作为电子白板和学生之间调解。充分了解技术互动是这个不可分割的一部分。在科学中,学生与教师之间的互动交流是非常重要的,共同探索思想,制定自己的假设,讨论最近的社会科学问题,巩固科学和非正式的想法。电子白板有助于交互式通信流。戈德温和Sutherland(2004)描述了教师如何代表他们的个人建构知识以发展学生的共同理解。因此,电子白板起着至关重要的作用,科学教育。但学生学习的积极性如何?答案是教师能成功地理解和实施技术,并仔细地融合技术和教育学。 另一方面,哈格里夫斯等人(2003)发现,非技术背景下的类提出了一些问题。问题,如更高的课程节奏,协作和参与讨论,评估学生的知识,所有这些表明,技术互动是非常有益的。


Mortime and Scott (2003) explained the teacher’s role who acts as mediation between the IWB and the students. The full understanding of technical interactivity is an integral part of this. In Science, interactive communication is vital between students and teachers to explore ideas together, drawing own hypothesis, discussing recent socio-scientific issues, consolidate scientific and informal ideas. The IWB contributes to the flow of interactive communication. Godwin and Sutherland (2004) described how teachers represented their individual constructed knowledge in order to develop student common understanding. Thus the IWB plays a vital role in science education. But how active the pupils are learning? The answer is how far the teachers understand and implement the technology successfully and careful blending of technology and pedagogy.On the other hand Hargreaves et al (2003) found that the class with non-technology context raised some issues. The issue such as higher lesson pace, collaboration and participation in discussion, assessing pupil knowledge, all these shown that the technology interactivity is highly helpful.


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