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Life skills, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills are all essential for success after school. Unfortunately these concepts can be lost to those who need them the most. This is just one example of the many difficulties facing the special populations of students. The problems that the high-stakes tests can cause for these special populations of students are just as varied as the students themselves. Though each of their challenges are different, English language learners, students with disabilities, minorities, and students from low-socioeconomic status often share the same end result of these high-stakes tests; they get left behind.Although English language learners usually require years to become proficient in academic English, they are generally required to participate in high-stakes tests given in English with very limited accommodations. These accommodations, which generally include English-Native Language dictionaries without definitions and limited native language assistance that is limited to word or phrase translations, are largely irrelevant for students with low levels of English language ability. The majority of the students who struggle to read academic English will not pass the high-stakes assessments, not because of their lack of knowledge of the concepts but because of their lack of English skills.


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