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“Teacher’s attitudes and experiences towards the use of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs)” as teaching and learning tool was conducted to assess how current secondary school teachers match the research literature. Researchers and governmental policy makers suggest that IWB’s can change pedagogy for the better, improving student attainment. Many articles mentioned the need for teachers to adapt themselves to the technological advances in order to accomplish this change.However, research also carefully explained that if the perceived usefulness did not outweigh the perceived ease of use, teachers would not make the effort to alter their thinking and teaching behaviour. For the most part, the teachers who participated in this study are using IWBs on a regular basis. The technology is available. However, without the designated training that allows educators to understand technology at a deep level, technology will simply be funnelled through the existing pedagogy. This was illustrated by the simple question about saving their work. Few teachers take advantage of the opportunities to share work by saving on a school-wide server. Hopefully, future research will assess what needs to occur for teachers to be given technology training that would allow them to use the full resources of available technology.


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