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特殊需要是学习者在任何学习环境中的一种复杂性,但在学校的意识越来越强,它已经不再是一种斗争。我觉得老师应该更加了解学生的需要。在诵读困难学生的情况下,教师可能需要组织更多的时间为他们在任何评估。视力或听力受损的学生可能必须坐在教室的前面,可能需要特殊的设备,或教室可能需要改变,以适应学生的流动性问题(小G,G 2009)。所有这些考虑都可以使学生学习更容易,我清楚地知道,一个老师有许多角色在学校里,一个教育者,评估员,助理和榜样(哈登R,2000)。首先,教师的角色是教育学生,但教师评估学生的学习也是很重要的。我注意到评估是教师节的一部分。第一节课开始时,学生们对过去一周学习的单词进行拼写测试。评估和评估应持续进行,以帮助确定学习时无效(小G,2009)。教师经常会发现,他们需要帮助同事在活动,如午餐时间监督,体育旅行或也许课后研究。最重要的是,教师是学生的榜样。在小学里,当学生学着抄写老师的时候,这就更明显了。但是,这种趋势可以继续到第二个层次,学生永远不会准时上课,因为老师经常迟到。”照我说的去做,而不是像我那样做“在这种情况下是不够的。


Special needs are a complexity for learners in any learning environment but with more awareness in schools it has become less of a struggle. I feel teachers should be more aware of the student’s needs. In the case of a dyslexia student, the teacher may need to organise more time for them during any assessments. A student with impaired sight or hearing may have to be seated near the front of the classroom and may need special equipment, or classrooms may need to be changed to suit a student with mobility problems (Petty, G 2009). All these considerations could make a students learning easier.It became clear to me that a teacher has many roles within a school; an educator, an assessor, an assistant and a role model (Harden R M, 2000). First and foremost, a teacher’s role is to educate their students but it is also important for a teacher to assess a students learning. I noticed that assessment is part of a teacher’s day. When class first began, assessment took place by students doing a spelling test on words they learned throughout the past week. Evaluation and assessment should be on-going to help identify when learning is ineffective (Petty G, 2009). Teachers will often find that they are needed to assist colleagues in activities such as lunch-time supervision, sports trips or perhaps after-school study. Most importantly, a teacher is a role model to students. In primary schools this is more evident when students learn to write by copying a teacher. But this trend can continue on to second level, when students never turning up to class on time because the teacher is regularly late. “Do as I say, not as I do” does not suffice in these circumstances.


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