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Attunement cannot be met when plugged into the Experience Machine because the agent is consciously aware that he is not living the reality. The opposite of attunement, disattunment, define not about anxiety but more like “alienation.” One’s circumstances seem alien to them. Unfamiliar with the surrounding environment, realizing that only outcome is to benefit one’s happiness. The world would quickly seem unreal as all feedbacks would be inconsistent with any action the agent does. An example of this peculiar experience would be like committing a crime but yet receiving a medal of such action. Thus, one would never feel “utterly at home” in the experience machine. The feedback would be different from the reality even though it becomes more pleasurable, it would feel unnatural. Haybron states similar assertion: “a troubled, anxious, tense, or stressed out person does not seem to be happy, however cheerful she might be. She isn’t really at home in her life.” This itself diminishes the dimensions of happiness.Any action one does in the Experience Machine inevitably would not matter because the programmed agents who have social relation with the one in the Experience Machine would only react to bring a positive response in favour of agent’s desire. Thus any action one performs would not alter the future or have any meaning to one’s goal. The important aspect of life satisfaction is that it is a judgment of one’s life which is independent of one’s emotional state. Life satisfaction is not about pleasure but how one’s life measures to its value. These values are subjective; there is no objective measure for life satisfaction. Humans value actual experiences, character, achievements and their relationships with others, not solely on pleasure. Thus, when one is in the Experience machine, all pleasure one receive are an illusion, a false belief that one believes in experiencing the reality.


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