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本文讨论了实现共享医学组访问试点保险患者代谢综合征在两个基于社区诊所在佛罗里达州。这项研究的主要目的是评价医疗集团共享访问项目可行性,实现,和代谢综合征患者的结果。病人满意度调查是利用完成的研究及其结果相当高。最初,没有明显统计学差异意味着体重或体重指数上半年的计划,但上周向有统计上的显著差异的腰围改善疾病和知识在诊所。本文的重要性在于它揭示了共享医学组访问的有效性不仅对慢性疾病通过促进自我管理,但在预防并发症病人教育,和同行的支持。它也揭示了护理病人满意他们收到通过共享集团医疗访问。川崎L。Muntner,P。、海尔、a D。汉普顿,K。,和迪沙佛,k b(2007)。参加集团访问高血压治疗的意愿。美国管理式医疗杂志,13(5),257 – 262。


This article discussed implementation of a shared medical group visit pilot program for uninsured patients with metabolic syndrome in two community based clinics in Florida. The main purpose of the study was to evaluate shared medical group visits program feasibility, implementation, and outcomes among metabolic syndrome patients. Patient satisfaction survey was utilized at the completion of the study and its results were quite high. Initially, there were no significant statistical differences in mean weight or BMI in the first half of the program, but towards the last week there was a statistically significant difference in waist circumference improvement and knowledge of disease among both clinics. The importance of this article is that it reveals effectiveness of the shared medical group visit not only for chronic disease but in preventing complications by fostering self-management, patient education, and peer support. It also reveals patient satisfaction with the care they receive through the shared group medical visits. Kawasaki, L., Muntner, P., Hyre, A. D., Hampton, K., & DeSalvo, K. B. (2007). Willingness to attend group visits for hypertension treatment. The American Journal of Managed Care, 13(5), 257-262.

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