MQ麦考瑞assignment 代写 植树节的历史 the history of tree-planting day

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Afforestation can not only make our homes green and beautiful, but also can play a role in expanding forest resources, preventing soil erosion, protect the farmland, climate regulation, the promotion of economic development. It is a contemporary grand project to benefit the future generations. While "Arbor Day" is the day that some countries in the form of law to promote the benefit of forest, and mobilize the masses to participate in afforestation. According to the length of time, people have Tree-planting Day, week or month to plant trees, and all of them call Tree-planting Day. Through this activity, to stimulate people's love for forest and afforestation, to enhance the awareness of forest function to promot afforestation, reaching the aim of loving forest, protecting forest, expanding forest resources and improving the ecological environment. It is a festival to mobilize the national to plan trees. China's Arbor Day begins to commemorate the death of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, who is the earliest people aware the importance of forest and advocate afforestation in the China modern history. China set the rule that March 12th is Arbor Day, to encourage people of all nationalities for afforestation, greening of the motherland, improving the environment, benefit the future generations. Each Arbor Day has different themes, 2013 Arbor Day’s theme is: carry out in a deep-going way for afforestation, vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization.Each year the school and some companies will organize people to plant trees.


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