MYOB paper 代写 我们应当给帮带孩子的父母工资吗?should we pay our parents for their babysitting

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It seems so normal that parents will take care of their children’s children in China. We can see a large crowd of grandparents standing in front of kindergarten to pick up their grandchildren. It seems that taking care of grandchildren has become grandparents’ obligation. They should do it for free. However, now this concept has changed, some people said that parents should get the payment for their babysitting, because they are old and babysitting is a heavy work; while others think that parents should do it for free. In my point of view, I agree with the former one.

In the first place, parents’ duty and obligation is to raising their children until they have reached an adult age, but not still raising their children’s children. There is no doubt that raising a kid to adult is a difficult thing. It requires a lot of love and money. In China, most parents give the child university tuition and living expenses. They want their kid could focus on learning. Some parents even spend money for their child to find a good job which is secure. Our parents had already done so many things for us without any return. It would be a shame to ask parents to look after our children for free in their age.

In the second place, someone argue that the days are tougher than before, we should not give extra pressure to young couples. It is true that the competition is fierce than before, but think about it, parents must had been through a more difficult period to raising a child in the old age, for every conditions of life are in a low level. They give their best for their children, and when they are old, they still do the same thing for their grandchild. I think it is reasonable to pay them back.

To sum up, parents deserve better in later life, even most parents are volunteer to do babysitting, young people should show some responds, they could pay them back with money, if it will increase the economic burden, then they could share the babysitting with them and love them more.

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