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根据美国咨询委员会对儿童虐待和忽视,约4000000的儿童每年死于虐待和忽视儿童(Bob 12)。”虐待儿童是指非意外伤害造成儿童的父母或其他成年人”(Magill 218)。许多人不重视孩子的虐待,因为他们认为严厉的纪律是必要的,或者他们没有意识到它真的是多么糟糕。儿童虐待和忽视的严重社会问题,往往有一个持久的负面影响未成年人的发展”(Magill 218)。由于一个孩子被称为“它”的令人难以置信的暴力和图形的性质,读者可能不相信的遭遇是事实。然而,他们最令人遗憾的是真的。在一个孩子的虐待行为称为“它”平行那些现实生活中的虐待儿童的情况下。

在一个孩子被称为“它”Dave Pelzer遭受的孩子在他母亲的手中滥用酒精。它不是这样的所有的时间。起初她是一个有爱心和有爱心的母亲,然后她发生了巨大的变化。他们曾经一起有美好的时光。他们总是把所有的时间都花在一起,去动物园和公园,直到家庭慢慢开始分裂。佩尔泽的父亲是一名消防员,所以他工作二十四多小时,造成了他和妻子之间的问题。如果父母在他们的关系中有问题,那么他们就把他们的愤怒发泄在别人身上。在佩尔泽的情况下,他的母亲照顾她所有的感情由饮酒和滥用她的儿子。



According to the US Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, about 4,000,000 children die each year as a result of child abuse and neglect (Bob 12). “Child abuse refers to nonaccidental harm that is inflicted on children by their parents or other adults” (Magill 218). Many people do not take child abuse seriously because they either believe that harsh discipline is necessary, or they do not realize how bad it really is. Both child abuse and neglect are serious social problems that often have a lasting negative impact on the development of minors” (Magill 218). Due to the incredibly violent and graphic nature of A Child Called “It”, readers may not believe the encounters are factual. However, they most regrettably are true. The abusive actions in A Child Called “It” parallel those of real-life child abuse cases.

In A Child Called “It” Dave Pelzer suffers child abuse at the hands of his alcoholic mother. It was not like this all the time. At first she was a loving and caring mother, and then she changed dramatically. Together they used to have good times. They would always spend all their time together, going to the zoo and the park, until the family slowly started to split apart. Pelzer’s father was a firefighter, so he worked many twenty-four hour shifts, which caused problems between him and his wife. If parents are having problems in their relationship, then they take out their anger on others. In Pelzer’s situation, his mother took care of all her feelings by drinking and abusing her son.

Most people believe that the fathers are abusers because they are bigger and stronger, but it is mostly the women. In fact, there are many households where the woman of the family beats the man: “80% of fatal maltreatment cases were attributed to women,” that is for both child abuse, and spouse abuse (Carey 23). Many people believe that women are not capable of child abuse because of their maternal instinct, but woman are the abusive ones. According to Carey, “58% of child abuse is by the mother”. Many abusers inflict abuse onto their kids because that is how they grew up. “The severity of child abuse, and the manner in which children are abused, bears a strong resemblance to the type of maltreatment experienced by their mothers”