Nursing Assignment 代写 你开心吗?(一)are you happy (一)

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Nowadays our lifeis becoming better and better. Our living conditions have progressed on a largescale. Thanks to the rapid evolution of science and technology, we can get toanywhere we intend in a short time. We can keep healthy much more easily. Wecan connect to anyone we want at any time. It seems that in such a society weshould be happy. However without any doubt, there are still a lot of people whoaren't happy.


Some days ago,the journalists of CCTV asked some citizens the question: are you happy?Someone said no! However they are not the poorest in the society, they are notthe very people who have the most serious illness, and they are not burdenedwith the heaviest responsibility actually. Maybe they are just not satisfiedwith the happiness that they have already got. Perhaps it is because that theyusually make very high goals for themselves or they are not struggling enough.


In my opinion,happiness is very important for us. We need it to keep our good mood andpositive attitude. To keep happy, we had better make a goal that is appropriatefor ourselves, and of course we should work hard to achieve it.


Wish you happyevery day!


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