Oracle代写 美丽的秋天the beauty of the autumn

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  Call - call - call! Hear the voice of wind. Ah! Autumn is finally here!


  Garden, chrysanthemum competing opened! There are white the light yellow of ... .... Colorful chrysanthemums flourish in light wind, as if greeting them with people! Sweet-scented osmanthus trees out of the light yellow flowers. A wind blowing, a fresh wind into the nose, ah, really incense!


  Orchards, the apple red, like little brother's face. Aunts and uncles are tiptoe with apple picking. Thunk! A ripe apple from the tree fell down. Persimmon tree, hanging on a persimmon tree, far from looking like a red lantern! Grapes on a channeling channeling a , as one finally purple beads, purple was black, people really want a bite it.


  Fields, the endless golden rice, just like the earth covered with a layer of gold to the carpet. Farmers are busy on the busy man under, while cutting rice, while rice into basket. Face expression of joy and happiness.


  Autumn is a season of charming scenery, it is a harvest season. Ah! The fall, you really beautiful you!


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