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Psychology Assignment 代写 如何利用参考书籍?how to make full use of reference books?

Nowadays,a flood of reference books has become a great concern among students andteachers. There are all kinds of reference books in market, making students andteachers difficult to choose. Besides, reference books also bring bad influenceto students and teachers.


Forone thing, with the help of reference books, students are inclined to thinkabout the questions less. Owing to the elaborate explanations given byreference books, many students will adopt the answers in reference booksdirectly without thinking independently. And in a long term, students will relyon the reference books too much and lower their thinking ability. For another,reference books limit teachers’ thinking model to some extent because someteachers rely on reference books too much. Depending on reference books is not goodfor teachers’ breaking through the traditional teaching model and thinkingmodel.


Therefore,we should make use of reference books properly. First, think about the questionbefore you use reference books.  Thenfind out the difference between your answer and the answer given by referencebooks. Third, learn something new from reference books and mend your way ofthinking. In addition, do not rely on reference books too much so that you canthink freely.


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