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以前作为运动员的经验:以前的比赛经验允许通过参与,经验和观察的教练方法的转移(垫子等,2003)。这些方法是沉浸在文化,这反过来,内化和体现(缓冲等,2003)。虽然教练的过去经验在数量和质量方面有所不同,它们形成了一个屏幕上所有的未来预期将通过(申普和格雷伯,1992)。然而,必须指出,这种形式的知识可以限制在教练的行为和行动,这可能不会导致一个有效的或积极的教练实践。此外,在高水平的比赛,建议作为教练在高水平运动的必然要求,作为教练的比赛经验为他提供了知识来装备自己的运动员的技能和行为必须擅长的水平(卡特和开花,2009,2007,缓冲垫,et al.,2003,埃里克森等铝,2007a)。在这些研究中的教练也发现,利用他们以前的游戏经验,发展他们的教练知识,哲学和信念。最近的研究发现,玩的经验并不一定是顶级教练的必备条件。卡特和布卢姆(2009)发现,一些已经超过他们的运动成绩的教练已经在顶级。他们的研究发现,大学教练使用类似的,但不同的知识来源相比,上面概述。对于这些教练,他们发现,他们的职业生涯的开始是困难的,因为他们缺乏以往的运动经验,但是,辛勤工作和毅力让他们克服这些差距成为顶级教练。因此,有人认为,以前的比赛经验是一个有利的来源,顶级[ 1 ]教练,但不是一个必要的要求。这些发现进一步加强了信念,教练是一个特设的,复杂的和个人的过程,借鉴了大量的知识来源


Previous Experience as an athlete: Previous playing experience allows for the transfer of coaching methods through participation, experience and observation (Cushion et al., 2003). These methods are steeped in a culture, which in turn, are internalized and embodied (Cushion et al., 2003). Even though coaches’ past experiences differ in terms of amount and quality, they form a screen through which all future expectations will pass (Schempp and Graber, 1992). However, it must be noted that this form of knowledge can be limited in terms of coaching behaviours and actions acquired which may not result in an effective or positive coaching practice. Moreover, playing at a high level is suggested as a necessary requirement to coach at top level sport as the coach’s playing experience provides him with knowledge to equip his athletes with the skills and behaviours necessary to excel at that level (Carter and Bloom, 2009, Cushion, 2007, Cushion et al., 2003, Erickson et al., 2007a). The coaches in these studies were also found to draw on their previous playing experience to develop their coaching knowledge, philosophy, and beliefs. Recently research has found that playing experience is not necessarily a requisite for top level coaches. Carter and Bloom (2009) found that several coaches who have surpassed their athletic achievement have been successful at top level. Their study found that University coaches utilized similar and yet different sources of knowledge compared to that outlined above. For these coaches, they found that the beginning of their careers was difficult as they lacked previous athletic experience, however, hard work and perseverance allowed them to overcome these gaps to become top level coaches. Therefore it is suggested that previous playing experience is a favourable source for top level [1] coaches but not a necessary requirement. These findings further strengthen the belief that coaching is an ad hoc, complex and individual process that draws on a multitude of knowledge sources


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