Religion Essay 代写:旧约的概述

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Religion Essay 代写:旧约的概述








1塞缪尔2塞缪尔1王记1-11 8-30

Religion Essay 代写:旧约的概述


Deborah: Judge who fought with the Israelites in the battle against the Canaanites; Barak: Called by Deborah to lead the army - agreed only if she went with him; Gideon: Judge of Israel instrumental in defeating the Midianites; Samson: Judge of Israel for 20 years whose feats of strength were legendary; Delilah: Philistine woman who found the source of Samson's strength (his hair) and betrayed him to the Philistine

Major events:

The people relapse into idolatry, Israel is oppressed; civil war is waged (Judges 3-16)

Gideon uses a fleece to be certain of God's will (Judges 6:36-40)

Delilah betrays Samson (Judges 16:1-21)

Israel's Dark Age begins: Anarchy and confusion are the norm because of the people's moral lapses (Judges 17-21)

Monarchy Established- "Samuel, a combination of priest, prophet, soldier and politician, anoints Saul as king and thus creates the Israelites monarchy (History of the Bible 2009)."

1 Samuel 8-30 2 Samuel Kings 1-11 1 Chronicles

2 Chronicles 1-9

David- The monarchy only truly saw an establishment when David took the throne with a strong hand and mind


Solomon- Solomon though a wise man and king was the one to see the decline of the