Religion Essay 代写:历史Jesus神学的来源

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Religion Essay 代写:历史Jesus神学的来源




Religion Essay 代写:历史Jesus神学的来源

When seen from the perspective of the resurrection, Jesus of Nazareth, his world, work and ministry take on special significance. This significance is that Jesus, who ministered at a particular time in the past, accomplished salvation for humankind by virtue of his life, death and resurrection. To find out who this Jesus was, information from various sources can be found. In this assignment I will discuss these sources, as well as the world he lived in, focussing on the political and religious groups and the challenges they posed on Jesus; the work and ministry of Jesus, the people he interacted with and the outcasts in first century Judaism; the role of women at the time of Jesus and how they represented other marginalized groups. I will finally discuss the life, suffering and resurrection of Jesus. I will show how these elements challenge Christian belief as given in the Nicene Creed.

In searching for the 'historical' Jesus, as with any other historical search, sources closest in time to the person or event are regarded as more reliable. The earliest sources relating to Jesus can be divided into two main categories namely Biblical sources and non-Biblical sources. The latter can then be further subdivided.

Of the 27 books of the New Testament, the main source for the historical origin of Jesus of Nazareth is the Gospel account. The Synoptic Gospels in particular describe the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The Gospel of John also contains much information even though it is a more philosophical than historical book. The Gospels recount Jesus' birth, snippets of his childhood and his life as an adult. They describe how Jesus ministered, taught, healed and interacted with people. They also record his death and resurrection. Information regarding Jesus also appears in the other New Testament books. Witherington (2007:3) states that '...the documents we find in the New Testament- including the gospels, Acts, and Paul's letters, to mention a few- are our earliest and best sources for understanding the character of Jesus and the rise of Christianity'.