report 代写 The Cardiovascular System Description Biology Essay

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In order to be awarded a Merit, your responses will demonstrate through the heart dissection and in the written work a fluently expressed, clear understanding of the heart and the circulatory system. You will show that you know the constituent parts of the system and how they work together. You will demonstrate clear understanding of the blood groups and their compatibility along with evidence of independent research in at least two of your responses.

You will produce responses to all tasks that are logical and make sense in a clear sequence of facts and ideas. The work will be fluently written with very few errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. Your answers will show that you can work with sources to generate your own ideas and not just copy from sources.

In order to be awarded a Distinction, in addition to the above, your responses will demonstrate that you have a comprehensive understanding of blood, circulation, the formation of blood cells, their individual roles and the process of blood clotting.

Your response to each one of the ten tasks will consistently show that you can use sources to develop your own informed and independent reflections on this topic. All sources will be referenced and include a bibliography in Harvard style.