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In recent years, the training class is becoming a concern for the majority of people throughout the society. For example, the English training class, the computer training class, the painting training class and so on.


When it comes to this phenomenon, some reasons can account for it. To start with, many parents hope that their children can learn more on training class to get the higher grades in exams. Further more, time is developed, the life levels of people changed better, people want to learn extra knowledge or kills to rich themselves. Last but not least, the society is developing fast and needs more various talents, so many kinds of training classes set up.

当谈及这一现象的时候,有些原因可以证明。首先,很多父母希望他们的孩子 能够在培训班上学到更多东西从而在考试中取得更高的分数。其次,由于时代发展,人们的生活水平变得更好了,人们想学习额外的知识或者技能以丰富自己。最后,社会在快速发展,需要各种各样的人才,因此许多培训班就建立了。

Taking all the above mentioned reasons in consideration, I may reasonably draw a conclusion that the appearing of training class is inevitable. So in my opinion, we should accept to training class but can not participate in it blindly.