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  To guarantee the steady development of human society, mankind must realize the consequences resulting from fast population growth and carry out a family planning program. Only by adopting effective measures, can human society develop steadily and have a bright future.

为了保证社会的平稳发展,人们必须意识到过快的人口增长所带来的后果及坚定执行计划生育的重要性。  只有坚定不移地执行有效的规章制度,人类社会才能稳定发展,繁荣昌盛。

  Progress in science and the improvement of living conditions have led to the rapid growth of the world population. Modern medicine, for example, has made it possible for babies to grow up healthily and for people to live longer. With improved living conditions, particularly in the countryside, people tend to have larger families. As a result, the world population has increased so rapidly that it has now exceeded 6 billion.

科技的进步和人类居住环境的改善导致了全球人口的大幅度增长。当代的药物,保证了婴儿的健康成长,人们也很长寿。随着居住条件的改善,特别是农村家庭,有了更多的人口数目。  结果就是人口的快速增长,以至于超过了60亿。

  But the overgrowth of population presents a threat to the existence of human society. A large population demands a great deal of food supply and shelter space. However, limited productivity and scarce world resources can hardly meet the needs of the ever-increasing population. Thus, in the long run, the overgrowth of the world population will only harm mankind.