research report怎么写 只有当你赢的时候玩游戏才有趣 playing a game is fun only when you win

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Playing games is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Each place has a number of popular games that are played all the time. Some people think that playing a game is fun only when you win, which I disagree. I held the view that “Friendship first, competition second”. And I think playing game in itself is full of fun, winning a game is just a pleasure extra.


It’s impossible that one could win a game all the time when they first start playing it. In many cases, playing against the top players of a game and losing is an honor, not a disappointment. The valuable experience you get in the game is much more important than the result, which will help you greatly improve your skill in the future.


Practice is necessary to win a game. If this was really an annoying process, no one would ever play games. However, it is the journey of the game, not the destination that is important. Going through the actual game is the fun part; if one wins a game, that is an added bonus.

实践对赢得比赛很重要。如果这真的是一个令人苦恼的过程,没有人会玩游戏。然而,重要的是游戏的过程而不是游戏的结果。体验真正的 游戏是有趣的部分,如果一个人获胜了,那是额外的奖励。

Many people play games just for fun and relax. For them, the result seems not so importants. What really entertains them is the journey. If care too much about the result, you definitely lose fun.


From what have been discussed above, I strongly support that games can be fun even if I am not the winner, and playing games is a fun process to go through.


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