sfu essay代写 如何利用图书馆how to use the library

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  A library is a building for a collection or books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers. The books are kept on the shelves in the stack room whereas the magazines, journals, etc. in the reading rooms. Modern libraries also have xerox rooms, and computer rooms.


  If you want to borrow books, you can go to the loan desk, look over the correct call numbers in the card catalog and ask the librarian to take then, out for you. Or you're allowed to enter the stack room to rind books for yourself, you can look up the bound volume or index for the articles relative to the subject, on which you are going to write thesis. If the library doesn't subscribe to the magazine which carries the article you want, you can borrow the magazine from other libraries by means of interlibrary loan service.


  Don't forget to show your library card or I.D. card to the librarian before you go into the reading room, where you can read magazines or newspapers. If you find a good article and want to keep it, you can have it duplicated in the xerox room. Besides, if you want to watch films or slides, you can ask the projectionist to play the videotape for you in the audio visual room, where you can also listen to language tapes and music tapes.