Statistics Assignment 代写 明星代言产品广告问题 on the celebrity spokeperson

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  Currently, we could hardly live a single day without seeing a celebrity spokesperson promoting a product or a social campaign on TV, net or other media. This is an intensely popular trend that we cannot fail to notice.


  There is no doubt that the celebrity spokespeople could boost the sale of a prduct. A host of celebrity spokespersons, however, have emerged as the marketing tool of some companies, even companies producing and selling fake and inferior items. This kind of behavior has produced negative impacts on consumers and whole society, which should be severely criticized and penalized. Of course, as is known to all, everything has both bright and dark sides. Some stars's endorsement of social activities and public campaigns raises public awareness, giving rise to changes in public behavior. In this case, they serve as positive role models of the general public. To name only one case: Pu CX, a household figure, acting as the celebrity spokesman of the China AIDS Foundation, contributes greatly to the cause of AIDS prevention and cure in China.


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