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外国论文网 大学文凭是否必要?is a college degree necessary in todays world

Is a college degree necessary in today’s world?


Because a 4-year college education requires a large commitment of time, effort, and money. Many high school graduates decide not to go to college. They enter the work force immediately, or decide to go to a vocational or trade school instead of college. Is a college degree really necessary these days? Despite the expense and delay in entering the work force, I strongly believe that a 4-year college education is necessary and desirable in today’s world.


One major reason to go to college is that college provides necessary academic background for a career. During four or more years in college, students have time and resources to explore many different areas in the humanities人文学科, social sciences, science, and professional fields such as business and engineering, and to take a variety of academic courses that will provide important background for particular careers.


A second important argument for the value of college is that people with college degrees have better job opportunities and higher income level than people who have only a high school or vocational school education, so college means a better quality of life. Job opportunities and starting salaries are generally excellent for people with college degrees while the employment outlook may not be so cheerful for those with only a high school diploma.

Also, college tends to provide a labor force with a certain knowledge and skill, which is beneficial to the advancement of our society. Students who exercise their minds and develop strategies to deal with hard problems over four years of college are likely to graduate with many skills and strategies that can be transferred to dealing with tasks later in life, both on the job and in their personal life. This will surely contribute to the progress of the world.


In summary, there are many good arguments in support of the value of a 4-year college education. Moreover, the benefits far outweigh the problems and expense. I firmly believe that everyone who wants to have a bright future should go to college。