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As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” It applies to everything we do in life. Take for example the learning of a language. With practice, we can read, write, listen and speak English.

It is no easy thing to learn a Ianguage. First. I have to overcome the difficulties in pronunciation. I try hard to get every sound right, keep on doing the drills and memorize the new words. Then there are those grammar rules to remember and put to use. Also, to write I have to lead extensively and practise writing by keeping a diary or something.

Those who praetise most learn fast. In my class, some of the American students seize time in practising the little Chinese they have learned. For example, when the class is noisy someone will shout, “安静(Be quiet)!” When the lecture is too long, someone will say, “够了(enough)” or asks the teacher in phony concern, “你不累吗? (Aren’t you tired?)” It is funny and they make surprisingly good progress in speaking Chinese.

Practice makes perfect. There is no truer word than that. When there is anything you cannot do, do net he afraid. Just try, try and try again, for practice makes perfect, but remember that we should practise what we preach.



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