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“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstance they want, and if they cannot find them, make them.” Such is the remark made by Bernard Shaw, a great writer. This view has been shared now by more and more people. I’m very glad to receive college education and i reached the conclusion that i have come to college not for one single reason, but for many.

First, university is such an ideal place to broaden my horizon and make more friends. The youth of 21stcentury should be open-minded, instead of being a person with a tunnel vision. I’m ready to meet more challenges and make more friends during the four years.

Second, I’m unwilling to step into the society straight after high school. I’m afraid I’m not fully prepared for the working environment: complicated interpersonal problems, jockeying for position, a tremendous amount of pressure and etc. I have to face various kinds of major conflicts as well as trivial things. I seem to be over-pessimistic, but that actually accounts for part of my choice.

Finally, thanks to the all-out support from my parents, i am able to further my study in university. I’ll spare no efforts to live up to their expectation on me to be a well-trained and well-rounded person.

I will learn experience and challenge myself in my college life and be an outstanding person of future.

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