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写英文论文 竭尽全力 just try your best

Recently, some of my classmates areconfused and disappointed because they found that their gain is not equal totheir pain. Concerning this problem, what I can say is, “just try your best”.

最近,我的一些同学感到迷茫,绝望,因为他们发现他们所得到的与所付出的并不相等。对于这个问题,我只能说: “竭尽全力去做吧”.

Life is not fair. We always say that, “nopain, no gain”, but we have to know another one—the gain is not always equal tothe pain. Therefore, if you want to gain something, just try your best to doit, and do not count what you have pain. If you always count the time and theeffort you spend in it, you will unconsciously have some expect in your mind. Onceyou find that your gain does not reach your expect, your confusion anddisappointment will come into being.


Of course, most of us would feel confusedand disappointed when we meet with difficulty or setback, but it should notkeep for a long time. Our life is limited, and we need to seize the chance to restartafter experiencing setback instead of indulge ourselves in negative moods andabandon ourselves so that we still have chances to achieve our goals and besuccessful.


Therefore, just try your best. Try you bestto do everything you value, and you will gain what you want some days andwithout any regret.


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