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目前,企业员工只有6运行业务。该公司将在未来几年继续扩大业务。业务主要集中在最大化的水平定制的客户,公司让客户定制他们的首选产品,他们喜欢的气味。这些气味提供的公司将有保健功能,可以帮助客户冷静下来,释放压力和其他人。DomoParadise选择提供这种产品是因为现在有很多问题的大多数人等城市病的压力、失眠等。该公司正试图推出一系列的解决方案,可能会减少他们的症状在一个简单的方法。Domoparadise 12之间的目标客户是年轻一代,-30年的历史。这些产品往往是时尚和可爱的,一个有吸引力的年轻一代。


Domo paradise is a company that provides goods and services to customers through online. The company involves in manufacture industry because the company act as manufacturer and at the same time act as retailer to sell products directly to customers. The company’s business model is one type of revenue model which name Cutting out the middleman model. The removal of intermediaries in a supply chain: “cutting out the middleman”. Instead of going through traditional distribution channels, which had some type of intermediate (such as a distributor, wholesaler, broker, or agent), companies may now deal with every customer directly. This helps company to save cost and increase efficiency.

Currently, the business only has 6 employees to run the business. The Company will continue to expand the business in coming years. The business is mainly focused on maximizing the level of customization of customers whereby the company let customer to customize their preferred products with their preferred scent. These scents provide by the company will have healthcare function which may help customer to calm down, release stress and others. DomoParadise choose to provide this kind of products is because most of the people now having a lot of problem of urban disease such as stress, insomnia and others. The company is trying to come out with a series of solutions which might reduce their symptoms in an easy way. Domoparadise’s target customers is young generation which between 12 -30 years old. The products tend to be fashion and adorable which an attractive young generation.