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四项研究的参与者不够代表性。三分之二的大学生是在校大学生。在研究2中,一百四十二名大学生被要求判断健康仅仅依靠食品产品名称。在研究3中,一百三十四名大学生被要求对他们的处理方法,研究者操纵干扰下食物的健康形成自下而上的方法和自上而下的方法估计。在研究4中,有一百六十八名大学生被要求在私人计算机终端前学习。本研究的研究目标之一是消费者分为节食和nondieters,所以参与者应不同年龄,如果参与者主要是年轻人,年龄从18 25may之间—领导研究有限的大学生是消费者的健康和美味的一小部分可能不是他们的第一个问题时,他们估计和选择食品。


Although the research reaches to its findings through four studies that examine dieters’ and nondieters’ perceptions towards the name of food products from different aspects, there are still some limitations about this research.

The participants of the four studies are not representative enough. Two thirds of the participants are undergraduates in college. In the study 2, one hundred and forty-two undergraduates are required to judge the healthfulness only relying on the food product name. In the study 3, one hundred and thirty-four undergraduates are required to estimate food items’ healthfulness form bottom-up approach and up-bottom-approach under the interference of researchers’ manipulation of their processing approach. In the study 4, one hundred and sixty-eight undergraduates are required to take the study in the front of a private computer terminal. One of the research objectives in the research is consumers which divides into dieters and nondieters, so the participants should be of different ages, if the participants are mainly young people that aging between from 18—25may lead the research limited for undergraduates are just a small part of the consumers and healthfulness and tastiness may not their first concerns when they estimate and choose food products.

In the four studies, the proportions of male and female participants are almost same. In study 1, the percentage of female participants is 55%, in study 2, that is 57%, in study3, that is 54%, and in study 4, that is 53%. The research focuses on dieters’ and nondieters’ perceptions of the food product name, for the researchers, dieters’ preference and choice towards food items are very important to their studies. But researchers choose the participants also half-and-half. We all knownthat women are more likely to diet because they pay more attention to their body shape than men do. In a word, when concerning about the dieters and nondieters problem, researcher should pick more female participants for their studies and then the information of dieters on this research can be more persuasive.