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罗素,罗素,罗素(2003)发现,已经有许多报道的不寻常的担忧以及对精神发育迟滞儿童的兄弟姐妹的机会。拉塞尔et al。(2003)报道,兄弟姐妹经常有成熟、洞察力、宽容、同情和理解的人。他们变得更加稳定和负责任的和发展成就的骄傲他们的兄弟姐妹。另一方面他们可能产生负面的感觉像是内疚和尴尬,隔离、孤独和愤恨将失去父母的关注。他们可能受到过度要求,责任和压力增加到excel在各行各业。兄弟姐妹可能不喜欢特殊优惠政策法规的残疾儿童。残疾儿童的兄弟姐妹不容易接受,他们的项目和活动计划根据残疾儿童的需求。最重要的是兄弟姐妹的残疾儿童将帮助他们的残疾兄弟或姐妹,需求可能会变得麻烦时,他们甚至不知道如何与他们的兄弟或姐妹,导致排斥和自卑的感觉。他们变得更加紧张当他们的朋友问他们的残疾的兄弟姐妹和他们不能准确回答。他们也会害怕发展条件,抓住它,或者将它传递给自己的孩子有一天(高山、城堡和城堡,1994)。


Russell, Russell and Russell (2003) found that there have been many reports of unusual concerns as well as the opportunities for the siblings of children with mental retardation. Russell et al. (2003) reported that siblings often have maturity, insight, tolerance, compassion and understanding of people. They become more stable and responsible and develop pride on the accomplishments of their siblings. On the other hand they may develop negative feelings like guilt and embarrassment, isolation, loneliness and resentment due to loss of parental attention. They may be burdened by excessive demands, increased responsibilities and pressure to excel in every walk of life. Siblings may dislike the special allowances given to the children with disabilities for rules and regulations. It is not easy for siblings of disabled children to accept that their programs and activities are scheduled according to needs of disabled children. Most of all siblings of disabled children are expected to help their disabled brother or sister and that demand may become troublesome when they do not even know that how to communicate with their brother or sister, that results in the feeling of rejection and low self esteem. They become even more tensed when their friends ask questions about their disabled brother or sister and they cannot answer accurately. They may also become afraid of developing the condition, catch it, or pass it on to their own children some day (Alper,Schloss, & Schloss, 1994).


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