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英国论文代写推荐 现代世界的妇女women in the modern world(四级英语作文)





Women are playing an increasingly important part in society today.    The tittle when women were only confined to the kitchen and looked after their children at home is gone. Instead, they have gone out their homes and taken up many jobs such as drivers, doctors, scientists and even top managers which used to be dominated by men. Now we can say for sure what men can do is equally done by women.    With the changes in their social role,women’s position in some families has been improved as well. Today, husbands and wives are equal in their families. They share the housework, make family decisions and make joint efforts to deal with family problems. In other words,they share both sorrows and happiness together.    In spite of these, the liberation of women has not been completely realized. In some areas women are still second-class citizens. That husbands are sitting in the armchairs with cigarettes in their hands waiting to be served by their wives is still a common scene. Besides women usually can’t enjoy equal pay even if they do the same jobs as men do. All these are unfair. So it is still a long way to go for women to fight for their complete liberation.