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英国论文怎么写 my closest friend in university我大学最好的朋友

       In choosing a friend, one should be very careful. A good friend is as valuable as a precious stone. He can help you study. You can have fun together and she is a genius in understanding and tolerant others, and as a friend, she is honest and reliable.

       Above all else, I look for understanding in a friend. As good friend, she always understands what another person is feeling. She is not quick to judge, instead, she tries to think of ways to be helpful. Further more, she is also a good listener. Of course, I’m one of “the others”.

       At the same time, however, she is a honest friend. She doesn’t look for faults in me. But she does not ignore them either, she once said to me that she would rather focus on my good points. In short, she can understand me and accept me mostly.

        As a good friend, she is also reliable. I can always depend on her, especially during the days when I prepared for my graduate acceptance test last year. And, if she tells me somewhere at a certain tine, I can be sure she well be there. If I need a favor she’ll do her best to help me. If I am in trouble, she’ll not desert me.

        So when you meet someone who is reliable, honest, and understanding, I’ll tell you that you have found a good friend.