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英国paper代写 独生子女政策是永恒的吗? one-child policy forever

In order to control the national population, the one-child policy has been carried out for a long time in Chia. It is undeniable that it has  achieved good effects. However, it brings some social problem. For example, it makes aging population more serious. In one word, like a double-edged sword, this policy has inevitably triggered several problems for children and parents, as well as the whole society. Therefore, I think it’s time for China to cancel this policy gradually.


Firstly, China’s population has been controlled after years of implementation of the policy. And most people have realized the importance of birth control for a better life. On the control, the birth control policy make the proportion of aging people rise at an unstoppable rate. Therefore, it is time to cancel birth control policy to remit aging of population. Secondly, the one-child policy has revealed lots of disadvantages. Growing up with no brother or sister, the child feels lonely and isolated, not knowing how to communicate with others. Moreover, the only child in the familiy is likely to be spoiled by too much devoted love from their parents and grandparents. Therefore, they may be selfish, capricious and disobliging in their daily life.


In brief, we can conclude that the one-child policy is inappropriate to modern China’s situation, and it has already had many negative effects on the children’s growth. So it’s really the high time for us to take a second look at the policy.


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