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英国硕士毕业论文 去电影院的烦恼 the problems and hazards of going to the theatre

People love movies, and when itcomes to “where is the perfect place to watch movie”, different people havedifferent views. Some people think that theatre is the wonderful place to go,for it could offer them the enjoyable of visual sense and hearing sense, andthey might meet some new friends who are sharing the same taste with them.Others think that home is the sweetest place to watch movies. They can suspendthe movie whenever they want and they can talk with their friends freely. In mypoint of view, I would like to watch movie at home.


In the first place, going totheatre to watch movie is not as comfortable as you think. There may be atraffic jam when you are on the way to theatre, and after you finally get there,you probably already have no mood to watch movie. What’s more, the theatre mightnot that clean as you see. There might be some rubbish around your feet, or a Coca-Colacup which the former customer left beside your hand. And there is another thingthat you are hard to bear: noise. It’s every annoying when you are watchingmovie and someone is whispering ,and sometimes not just one person whisperingbut a dozen! If you are watching movie at home, you don’t have to worry allabout those problems.


It the second place, watchingmovie in theater is not as safe as you think. When movie starts, the lightswould be turn off, and you are almost in a dark room. What if there is asociopath or psychopath who wants to stab people for spree, you are hard to getaway from this. When theatre is on fire, people will be more scared because thedarkness makes them upset, and it’s more difficult to escape when people aretotally psycho out.


In the third place, when you watchmovie in holidays, going to theatre seems not fit in economic principles. Everytheatre would raise the ticket price when holiday comes. Why don’t you save themoney to buy a big bag of popcorn and watch movie at home.


Basic the reasons above, if youwant to get away from the problems in the theatre, and suspend the moviewhenever you want, watching movie at home is the best choice.