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英文论文代写 最好的入学年龄 the best age of entrance school

Some children go to school at the age offour, why is that? It is not a matter of the-earlier-the-better when we discussat what age children should go to school. As to me, it is unhealthy forchildren to start school too early.


First of all, psychologically speaking, children who attend school tooearly are forced into a premature situation, and thus bear more pressure thantheir peers. When they sit in a classroom full of competition from otherstudents who are two or three years older than them, it is difficult for themto deal with problems that others find easy to handle. Therefore, they mightlose confidence.


Secondly, from the physical aspect, it is harmful for small children toshoulder the burden of schoolwork. According to the statistics, there are atleast 8,096 students in a single public school being overloaded wich homework.This results in many physical problems, such as short-sightedness and stuntedgrowth.


 Last but not least, most of the children who attend school earlier thanothers do not receive a well-rounded education, and tend to fall behind whenthey enter high school.


Ina word, i think that schooling should follow the natural growth of children’sbodied and minds. To start school too early is harmful for children bothmentally and physically. In my opinion, children should start school at leastafter seven years old.


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