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英文论文范文 大学生究竟怎么了?what happen to college students

Today, a news that a female cleaner carried college students to go to class causes concern and hot discussions on the Internet. After the rainstorm, the road to class was flooded. Many students who were hurry to class could not go across. At the end, a female cleaner carried them on her back one by one. Some people praise the cleaner, but more people condemn the college students. Look at this news, I could not help asking that what happen to college students?


 Previously, college students are considered as a group with high quality, but in recent years, an endless stream of negative news about college students are reported. As far as I am concerned, there are the following reasons. To begin with, the college student is the only child in their  family so that families spoil them too much. As a result, they do not learn to be independent and rely on others chronically. Besides, the community between college students and the outside world has greatly increased. Therefore, the unhealthy social morality has negative impacts on college students. Finally, college students‘ poor self-discipline is one of the reasons that cause bad behaviors. 


College students are already adults so that they should act as them,too. They should learn to be independent and be responsible for their behaviors.