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英文论文目录 了解校园外边的世界

Getting to Know the World Outside the Campus

         Apart from acquiring book knowledge, university students should also A have social knowledge. Without social awareness they can not be useful talents qualified fur social needs. Therefore, it is necessary fur them to know society.    To acquire social knowledge, students should get close to society. There are many ways for students to approach society, but generally they can be listed as follows. First, they can conduct a survey of society in summer or winter holidays by going to the factory or the countryside. Besides, they can do part-time work in society. Most important of all, they can know the world outside the campus through mass media such as newspaper, TV, broadcast and even Internet.    As to me, I consider it most convenient and effhctive to know society by watching TV. I also find it beneficial to do part-time work because through the work I get in touch with people from all walks of life.